Antique Edwardian necklace detail

Antique Edwardian necklace of Zirconium designed ca 1920 $35

Art Nouveau decorative comb in bronze ca 1880


BB-076 Woven necklace of Lapis Lazuli, Black and grey pearls, blue, bronze, multi colored beads $225

BB-076 detail

BB-11 Magnetic clasp detail

BB-11 Pendant detail

BB-11 Woven tube of burgundy and bronze multi colored beads with movable ball pendant, magnetic clasp $195

BB-42 Delicately woven pearls and Swarovski crystals around large quartz medallion backed in suede, with 3" extender on back $250

BB-42 Medallion detail

BB-53 Movable ball pendant on woven chain in black jets, turquoise and bronze beading $195jpg

BB-53 detail

Dragonfly brooch, handmade and painted by artist Sarah Cavender 3" x 4" $124


EM-121 Tanzanian Chrysprase geode detail

EM-121 Hand beaten Sterling silver clasp detail

EM-121 Hand beaten Sterling silver clasp detail_backup

EM-121 Tanzanian Chrysoprase interspersed with Swarovski crystals and Peruvian Opals, Sterling silver clasp and beads $225

EM-145, Leather rubbed Afghani Lapis Lazuli with flecks of gold, Peruvian opals, Swarovski crystals and Sterling chain and clasp, $395

EM-274 " Autumn Moonlight" Hand beaten bronze oak leaves, copper, hand blown borosilcate beads, Czech blown flowers, Swarovski crystals $495

EM-274, Hand blown and etched borosilicate beads and glass flowers, bronze oak leaves, Swarovski crystals, copper accents and clasp, $495

EM-279, Clustered blue pearls with bronze fern leaves and Swarovski crystals, $425

EM-288 detail

EM-288, Japanese Biwa freshwater pearls interspaced with amethysts, Sterling chain and clasp, $325

EM-340 Graduated slices of polished Amethyst Stalactite, Amethyst drops, Labradorite drops, Sterling silver $245

EM-340 on model

EM-362, Shanghai rose quartz, Bali and Sterling silver, Swarovski crystals, $250

EM-403, 19th century Indian pendant, "Crazy Lace" agate, antique Afghani silver beads, Bali and Sterling silver, Swarovski crystals, $520

EM-459, Hand blown French borosilicate, faceted quartz, Swarovski crystals, pewter and Sterling, $525


EM-496, South Sea Pearls, Swarovski crystals, secondary chain of bronze and crystal, vintage clasp (see detail), $445

EM-498 Afghani Lapis and Sterling pendant with Labradorite cabochon, Labradorite, Lapis, Bali silver, Sterling clasp, $495

EM-498 Lapis necklace and watch, earrings and blue Botswana agate bracelet

EM-500 Detail

EM-500, $240 Sterling chain and fish, borosicate beads

EM-515 Detail

EM-515 Pendant of Stychtite and Sugilite in Sterling setting, Amethysts and Sugilite beads, Sterling clasp $650


EM-527 Hand blown borosilcate by Tom Boylan, Carnelian, Sterling silver $399

EM-527 detail

EM-533 Antique Indian silver circa 1900 with amethyst, citrine and sterling clasp $495 shown with EM-535

EM-533 Necklace by Elizabeth Matthews of Antique Hand Made Silver Beads, Amethysts, Citrines $495

EM-535 Silverplated chain, Sterling silver feather, Sterling clasp with amethyst and Peruvian opal $200

EM-580 Double strand of Amethysts and Stering silver $175

EM-636 Beaten scroll texture Silver vermeil chain with Sterling clasp $95

EM-645 Sterling and Chrysocolla pendant which calms, clears negative energies and regenerates $120

EM-659 Sterling chain and silver leaf with blue Swarovski crystal pendant $195

EM-674 Amethyst, Citrine and Sterling $225

EM-723 Ceramic South African beads in a dark grey with pale blue stripes, small brown beads hand blown in the Czech Republic, non tarnishing pewter accents and Sterling Floral security clasp $295

EM-723 detail

EM-764 Japanese Biwa Pearls with clusters of faceted Amethysts, Gold vermeil Shell clasp and chain $385

EM-764 Pearl Necklace on model $385

EM-764 detail

EM-843 Detail of African Turquise and bronze beads

EM-843 Detail of Hand Made Nepalese Bead, adjustable length chain

EM-843 One of a Kind Elizabeth Matthews necklace of African Turquoise in a rare matte finish, Bronze, and hand made Nepalese beads of coral and turquoise $350

EM-847 Necklace by Elizabeth Matthews of Double Chain in Sterling, with large, polished Plum Pink Botswana Agate, assymetrical detail with Hand beaten Sterling leaf and pink Swarovski Crystal $250

EM-847 Necklace detail 2

EM-847 Necklace detail 3

EM-847 Necklace detail


NG-113 Detail

NG-113 Frosted leather polished Crackled Quartz, Amethysts, Swarovski Crystals, Pewter and Sterling $150

NG-113 Necklace, Earrings EM-120

NG-118 Sliced leather rubbed aquamarines, quartz, Sterling silver $395

NG-121 Green agates, Frosted crackled quartz, Swarovski crystals, Sterling clasp $195

Sarah Cavender Brooch, Hand made and hand painted $124

Sarah Cavender Dragonfly Brooch, back and signed by Artist

Sarah Cavender artist made 3" Flower Brooch of painted metal $124

Sarah Cavender artist made and painted metal Butterfly Brooch $98

Sarah Cavender artist made metal wire Bee Brooch, 2" square, $114

Sarah Cavender butterfly brooch, hand made and painted $98 on woven brass chain $65

Sarah Cavender necklace of woven metal, $245