BB-017 Cluster earrings of Black Agate cones, glass beads and Sterling ear clasps $48

BB-017 detail

BB-20 Smoky Quartz cones with black and gold beaded glass lace caps, gold plated ear clasps $70

BB-21 Beaded balls with mother of pearl, Swarovski crystals and gold vermeil $65

BB-21 Blue and gold beads, shell twist, gold vermeil ear clasps $65

BB-41 Dangle earrings of grey quartz shards and faceted rose agate $58

BB-44 Black jet dnagles with turquoise and coral $58

BB-50 Gold-filled ear clasps, beaded glass of deep violet and burgundy $48

BB-62 Beaded earring balls of burgundy, smoky pearls, gold filled ear clasps $52

BB-65 Earrings by Beth Bobey beaded in black, bronze and pearls with Sterling ear clasps $40

BB-67 Dangle earrings in woven bronze emerals and gold with gold filled ear clasps $62

BB-70 Silver slabs with smoky quartz and gold filled ear clasps $65

BB-75 Lava stones, turquoise, handblowb glass and Sterling $72

BB-77 Long dangles earrings of dramatic silver balls, Black Russian Onyx, bronze beads and pearls $72

BB-78 Polished lava stones and Swarovski dangles $68

BB-84 Jet and bronze beads in a modern rectangular shape with gold ear clasps $58

BB-88 fan shaped earrings woven of blue and green beads with an accented row of grey seed pearls, golf ear clasps $42

BB-93 Seed and glass Earrings by Beth Bobey $43


EM-069 Sterling Silver Hand made Moon and Stars, Turquoise, Lapis Lazuli, Peruvian Opals $68

EM-119, Arizona turquoise, black onyx and copper, $58

EM-404, Purple "Crazy Lace" agate, Swarovski crystals, Bali and Sterling silver, $60

EM-457, Handmade Sterling wings, Swarovski crystal, silvered earwires, $86

EM-460 Faceted quartz earrings with blue and green Swarovski crystals, Sterling ear studs $65

EM-466 Sterling silver, Swarovski crystals and blue Dragon Vein agates $85


EM-518 Turquoise "pumpkins", Sterling silver, violet Swarovski crystals $68

EM-543 Fairy earrings of Czech glass tulips, Swarovski crystals, bronze details and ear clasps $52

EM-551 Crazy Lace agates, Swarovski crystals and Sterling flowered ear hooks $68

EM-558 Earrings by Elizabeth Matthews of Ametrine stones with gold filled ear wires $62

EM-558 detail

EM-567 Lapis Lazuli and gold filled ear hooks $42

EM-569 Bronze feathers, Swarovski crystals and bronze clasps $58

EM-574 Turquoise "melons", pewter, and floral design sterling silver ear plugs $58

EM-579 Sterling silver flower and Swarovski crystals $52

EM-597 Hill Tribe silver leaves from Thailand, blue "Picasso" Czech glass, Sterling silver and Swarovski crystals $90

EM-607 Amethyst geodes with amethyst Swarovski clusters and gold filled ear clasps $112

EM-623 Bronze earrings with Turquoise dangles $58

EM-626 Bronze and Bali silver beads with Swarovski

EM-628 Sterling ear hooks with pewter and Swarovski crystals $58

EM-632 Karen Tribe Thai silver trumpet flower dangles with florette fronted Sterling ear hooks $86

EM-633 Faceted Plum Agates, Bali and Sterling silver, Swarovski crystals $65

EM-661 Sterling and Swarovski crystal $58

EM-672 Sterling silver feather dangles $65

EM-686 Handblown French borosilicate, Sterling anad Swarovski $85

EM-693 Sterling swallows and clasps, Swarovski crystals $58

EM-697 Sterling and Swarovski crystals $83

EM-707 Antique Rajasthani silver drops ca 1900, Lapiz Lazuli, Swarovski crystals, Sterling ear clasps $95

EM-708 Antique Rajasthani Silver inset with Lapis Lazuli, Israeli hand made Sterling leaves, deep blue Swarovski crystals, Sterling ear hooks $130

EM-712 Green tear drop freshwater pearls with gold crowns and ear hooks, Swarovski crystals $68

EM-720 Earrings of large faceted clear Swarovski tear drops with Sterling flower dangles and Sterling ear clasps $72

EM-729 Unusual Sea Urchin shaped pewter with Sterling hand engraved ear hooks, green Czech glass beads and aquamarine Swarovski crystals $65

EM-745 Earrings of Arizona turquoise and yellow opals with hand made Sterling silver floral ear hooks $68

EM-747 Hand made Sterling Silver earrings of hoops and tiny wings $68

EM-769 Green Prehrite Beads with Peruvian Hand Made Sterling Silver ear studs, Swarovski Crystals $195

EM-769 detail

EM-802 Freshwater Pearls and Gold Vermeil Earrings by Elizabeth Matthews $72

EM-807 Ultra feminine Dangle Earrings by Elizabeth Matthews of Reticulated Quartz set in Sterling Silver, hand made Sterling silver floral ear hooks $72

EM-807 detail

EM-826 Sea Urchin Earrings by Elizabeth Matthews of Moss Opals, Pewter Sea Urchins, Sterling Silver Ear Posts, Green Swarovski Crystals $72

EM-826 Sea Urchin Earrings by Elizabeth Matthews, detail 1

EM-826 Sea Urchin Earrings by Elizabeth Matthews, detail 2

EM-839 Earrings by Elizabeth Matthews of rare Arizon Sleeping Beauty Turquoises, Hand beaten bronze Rose Leaves, bronze ear clasps and blue Swarovski crystals $72

EM-839 detail 2

EM-839 detail

N-126 Modern Earrings by Nathan Guerrero of Molten Silver Squares with blue and clear Swarovski Crystals, Sterling Silver ear hooks $48

NG-072 Turquoise, Sterling silver, Swarovski crystals $52

NG-104 Leather polished white crackled quartz, blue Swarovski crystals, Sterling ear hooks $68

NG-122 Tibetan turquoise, Swarovski crystals, pewter and Sterling $68

NG-125 Sterling and Swarovski crystals $48

Sarah Calandar "Passion Flower" brooch, hand painted wire mesh 3" $124